Thanks Kriana!

When I bought my first Krill lamp several years ago (the Krill Extreme 180º green), everyone wanted to know how it worked, and where I got it. Apparently, Krill products are not well known by the general outdoor public. In fact, I found out about Krill lamps from another outdoors man. I’m a minimalist, and the Krill philosophy of low energy consumption, compact size, and rugged design fits perfectly with my own.

One of the two lamps I’m ordering now is a gift to a hunting buddy of mine. I introduced him to my Krill lamp recently on a hunting trip in the mountains of Moab, Utah. He was using a Surefure flashlight at night, and as you’re probably aware, those lights eat up batteries very quickly. Worse yet, the batteries are expensive (CR 123 lithium), and these flashlights use two to three lithium batteries. My Krill lamp provided adequate lighting inside a dark tent as we arose each morning before day break, and my friend was impressed with my little Extreme 180. I told him I still had the same batteries in it from last year, and I would probably be using them for the next several months, as well. I put the batteries in backwards whenever I know that I’m not going to be using it for long periods of time, just to protect the lamp from battery damage. Whenever I’ve taken it out of my pack and reinserted the batteries the correct way, it has always performed flawlessly. I’m sold on Krill products!

Your speed of delivery is impressive, too. Keep up the great work!

Rob Merlo


I wanted to tell you what a great product you make. The standard blue 360º light I have is the only light that made it through the last month I spent time in the mountains of Afghanistan hunting Al Qaeda and Taliban. My other other lights broke, we ran out of chemlights, but your Krill kept going. This is doubly important because I use it to mark casualty collection points and other operations.

ISO Clements