AA Krill Lights


Green Krill Lamp AAAA Krill Light – as the flagship of Krill Light’s line, the AA Krill Light has been in use by the United States Military, as well as sport and survival enthusiasts, for years. It has proven itself to be consistently reliable in the field no matter what the conditions might call for.

AA Krill Light Features

            • Simple and reliable on/off switch
            • Long battery life – up to 120 hours
            • EL Lamp- rated at over 3000 hours
            • Light weight and compact
            • Impact resistant and durable
            • Water resistant
            • Economical – pennies per hour to use
            • 6 colors – green is the brightest
            • No liquids or chemicals to worry about
            • No bulb to replace

Please refer to the “How to Choose” page for details about light options and colors.


            • Height: 5 1/18 inches
            • Base Diameter: 1 1/6 inches
            • Weight: 2.75 oz with batteries

* Color options are not available for Infrared lights.

 Military Units, Please call (928) 443-9979 or email to order to receive discounted price.


Visible Krill Light Ordering $25.95-29.95 (quantity can be updated in the cart) 

AA Krill Lights
Solid on OR Blinking

Infra-Red AA Krill Light Ordering $33.95-36.95 (quantity can be updated in the cart)  

IR Krill LIght Options




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